The Earth Mandala Report for


Paul McCartney

June 18, 1942




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Dear Reader,


Why do we reincarnate? We are evolving. Each successive lifetime is leading us further down the evolutionary trail, that is, if we opt to learn from the past. There is a purpose that each of us is to fulfill. It is not so much that we are trying to erase our karma or past life lessons. The idea is to gain the wisdom and consciousness, to make choices that help further our growth. In a sense, each of us is dancing into attunement with Earthís metaphysical energies. We are rising to the level at which She operates. To do this, it takes action and reflection. Earthís mandala energy is always available to bring us back to a center of balance, if we will just look in the "right" places!


There is a saying that you reap what you sow. This is the great principle of cause and effect. There are actions and thoughts that defined us in other lives. They have guided us to where we are in the present. Some of these tendencies were positive influences, while other ones caused us to veer a bit off our course in terms of growth. These past impressions do not exert any control over us. However, at times their pull can feel immense. We do have freedom of choice and can create new options. This is a strong message to remember when reading this report!


How To Use This Report


The information in this report is intended to help you clarify key reasons for your incarnation. The idea isnít to give you all of the answers but a few clues on how to better understand your mission. Think of this report as helping to point you toward a deeper connection with your life purpose. There are no perfect people so donít feel bad if you read something that seems a bit negative. If we were perfect with no lessons to learn, there would be no reason for being here. Donít you agree? Think of karma or the challengesyou face as growth potential.


Keep a positive attitude when reading this report or any other information that is designed to guide and assist you. If you have an open mind and heart, the information can help you find clarity. May your life fill with creative joy and the happiest embrace of Earthís mandala energy!


Enjoy your life journey,


Bernie Ashman


Your Place In The Earth Mandala


Interpretation of month and day of birth:


††††††† Day 169: June 18


††††††† The Sign:

††††††† Gemini


††††††† TheElement:

††††††† Air


††††††† The Daily Pulse:

††††††† Carefree


††††††† TheVision:

††††††† An old man sitting in a park watches children at play, remembering those days of innocence.


††††††† The Earth Energy Oracle:

††††††† Adaywhentheuniverseissayingtoletgotoanewrefreshingvisioniftheoldonesarenotstimulatingenough.


††††††† TheKarmicPath:

††††††† If you were born on this day, in other lives you were so in the flow you did not know which way to go. A lack of direction pervaded too many of your days. A tendency to wait for a better opportunity to come along caused you to miss a few too many good ones. Setting deadlines was not a talent. You liked to see the positive but often failed to face the negatives. Keeping your thoughts focused was like trying to corral a herd of wild broncos. You liked to know that your options were endless and did not feel comfortable with well-defined objectives that infringed upon your spontaneous need for freedom.


††††††† The Challenge:

††††††† Theshadowwasrunningawayfromdefininglimitsandboundaries.


††††††† TheResolution:

††††††† Fastidiousness. 


††††††† The Opportunity:

††††††† Haveyouseenthatwhenyouhaveclearlydefinedgoalsthatyourlifetakesonanempoweredvision?Ratherthanputtingoffuntiltomorrowwhatyoucandotoday,andmakingthemostofthenowyougetmuchaccomplished.Yourtalentshineswhenyougiveitalittlediscipline.Whatyoumayseeaslimitingyourfreedomisreallyopeningthedoorstoprosperity.Thereisawildspiritwithinyouthatnevercantrulybecaughtandlockedaway.Itisfindingtherightcreativeexpressionsthatgiveyouabroaderplatformfromwhichtoperform.Youdidnotreallycomeintothislifetimetofollowinsomeoneelse'sfootsteps.Yourownleaveamuchmoreindeliblemarkwhenyoupassionatelycommittoyourfavoritepeopleandobjectives.


††††††† TheProfessionalPassion:

††††††† You were a great communicator so work along these lines proved productive. Teaching, consulting and the legal arena have been fields.


††††††† The Relationship Energy:

††††††† Youdidnotlikealotexpectedofyou.Let'ssaythelooserthearrangementthebetteryoufelt.Whenyoudidfindthatrightromanticpartneryoudidgetrealseriousaboutthecommitment.Itisthatyoudidnotliketobestuckinanysituationthatmadeyoufeelstifled.Therefore,youwereverycarefulaboutenteringrelationships.Yourfriendswerequitecreativeandprovidedplentyofexcitement.Yourfavoritesoulmatesweregreatfriendsaswellasloversanddidnotmakejudgmentsaboutyourownparticularlifeambitions. 


††††††† TheSeasonalInfluences:


††††††† Springgaveyouanenergyboost.Therewasnotemptationtolookbackforlong.Futuregoalsarewhatlityourfire.Arestlessthemeranthroughthistimeperiod.


††††††† Summerpacifiedyourneedtobeconstantlyonthemove.Youlikedtogoonquietretreatsoratleastgetawayfromcommotion.


††††††† Fallputyouintoaromanticandidealistichead.Youdidnotlikefeelinglimited.Havingseveraloptionsmadeyoufeelmoreatease.


††††††† Wintergaveyoufocusbutstayingmentallypositivewasachallenge.Detailsbotheredyoumorethanusual.Aperfectiontendencysometimesmanifested.